Young children cleave to their loved ones for snuggles, support, and safety. Holding something special in their arms gives a child the stability and comfort that they need, and as we grow we never seem to let go of those same desires. I'll admit that even now, I still love the comfort of cuddling a soft toy. And I have a box of soft toys that I kept from my childhood... because they are all so special!

This is why I decided to create a one-stop shop for you to find a forever friend for your little ones. A friend that they can always talk to, use their imagination to play with and settle down for cuddles with. A special toy they will never let go of, and that may even be passed down for generations to come. My husband, James, and I have a huge passion in providing these keepsake toys for your family. If we can help calm a little soul, even just for a while, we would love nothing more.

Our keepsake dolls and soft toys come from the best in the business, and we are always on the hunt for more brands to add to our store! Most of our soft toys are suitable from birth and they all make great gifts!

We are still in the process of getting more dolls in stock and clearing out of all our 'other' brands. Visit our clearance page to get your hands on some goodies before they're gone! If you would like further information or have some suggestions for us, please contact me.

I hope you can find your miss or master a forever friend here :)

Tahnaya x

Miss n Master is based in Australia and we ship all over the world!